About Membership

We provide a wide range of support, information, advocacy, and activities to all affected by autism, including:

Monthly Citywide Support Group Meetings
Monthly Sensory Friendly Movies at AMC Theatres
Autism Awareness Activities
Adult Social Group
Social Networking
Educational Seminars and Conferences
Informational Phone Line

In addition, we also provide the following support to our members:
Quarterly Family Events
Worry Free Family Activities
Newly Diagnosed Parent Training
Tween Board Game Night
AWARE, Adults With Autism Recreational Events- Game Nights
Scholarship/ Grant Funds for Camps, Therapy Services, and other Supports
Group/outings for Ladies with ASD
Schlitterbahn Waterpark Days
Worlds of Fun Autism Day

NEW in 2018, Membership Fees are payable as of January 1st of each calendar year. All fees cover events from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year. Membership will not be prorated based on date paid.

Membership Fee:
$20 - Individual/ASD annual membership
$30 - Family/Provider annual membership
$100 - 5 year membership
$300 - Lifetime membership